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Bulk SMS messaging makes life easier for event organizers and ETT

Bulk SMS messaging makes life easier for event organizers and ETT, helping them to manage large teams dynamically and proactively.

Sending bulk SMS messages hugely simplifies the workload, reducing the cost and time of organizing and managing events.

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Publication: 12.11.2015
Última modificación: 09.27.2022
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In the event and conference sector, hundreds of temporary employees are hired to meet the needs of the attendees, guide them and help them throughout the event. The management of so many people is difficult and requires:

  • Forward planning
  • Organization
  • Proactivity

Bulk SMS messaging makes life easier for event organizers and ETT

Sending bulk SMS messages makes forward planning and organization easier. One way we've seen it being used is by a company with 300 temporary staff. Every time an event or conference is on, they send a message using bulk SMS messaging to everybody on their database, detailing the date, place and pay. The first staff members to confirm with a 'YES' are contracted for the work.

The way it works is simple and allows event organizers, catering companies and ETT to plan an event ahead of time, and to create a detailed register of the staff who are participating in the event. The task of managing staff therefore becomes less chaotic and more schematized.

The organizers can access a list of staff in minutes. Before sending messages via SMS, organizers had to make personal telephone calls to every member of staff, using up precious time and resources. The bulk SMS service with LabsMobile allows for smoother, more efficient organization.

How does it work Bulk SMS? 

All you need is a database of potential workers who are interested in the company. With a LabsMobile account we can easily manage the sending of bulk SMS messages, write the body of the message and program the sending of SMS to staff.

You can also add a URL to add more information about the event, the dress code for staff, the salary, and any other important aspects of the event.

By sending bulk SMS messages you can plan an event far ahead, and do all the preparations necessary without worrying about the event staff. With the LabsMobile service you can send bulk SMS messages from wherever you are, and from any device connected to the internet.

Who can use the SMS service?

The bulk SMS system can be highly useful to a number of businesses and organizations such as:

  • Fairs, conventions, and conferences
  • Weddings and catering events
  • Sporting events
  • Local council events
  • Event hostess and model agencies
  • Business events
  • Meetings or political events
  • Security staff
  • Cultural events such as concerts, theater etc.

In short, any company which needs to manage and coordinate a number of people can use LabsMobile's notification service.

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