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Build loyalty and earn trust with your online deliveries.

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Publication: 04.28.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

Improve your customer service and your client experience with transactional SMS

In one of our latest articles we talked about the different uses of transactional SMS for Ecommerce. On that occasion, we focused on how to improve your communication and sales using text messages. However, we are convinced that in this topic there is a lot more to say. Because of that, we want to dive deep into how this type of SMS can help online stores to increase their sales, deepen their relationship with consumers, and offer a more personalized relation. All of this to earn your potential clients’ trust. Shall we? 

Transactional SMS: Useful to build trust

In the first place, it’s important to have in mind what transactional SMSare. As we have told you in other occasions, these are communications related to an economic translation or commercial relationship between a company (or entity) and consumers. Their main objective is to help or favor a transaction by sending key aspects the receiver needs about a purchase (for example, the state of delivery). 

You should not confuse them with promotional or commercial SMS which are much more focused on direct sales. However, do not underestimate them for this because indirectly (by generating empathy, brand image, good user experience and, all in all, building trust) they favor sales, recurrent or complementary. 

Trust, the key when selling

This is precisely what we wanted to mention: how to build trust and loyalty with this type of text message. In this sense, it’s important to take into account that the trust of your clients is the key that opens most sales. That is why it’s so important to get it and, once you have it, to take care of it as if it’s a rare flower. Data speaks for itself: almost 40% of Spanish consumers have trust in the brands they buy. 

However, these people demand more and more to trust in them. They consider that a brand should have: 

  • A good selection of products and services.
  • A good reputation (a solid and trustable image) 
  • To have been through a satisfactory experience before.

And here is when this type of SMS is helpful for an Ecommerce company to achieve these objectives. For this, it’s important for an online store to create a flawless user experience. That means that personalization and controlling the process go hand in hand. Let’s see how:

Issues: turn your weaknesses into strengths with a simple SMS

Solving issues fast and efficiently is a good way to increase your clients’ trust in the brand, turning weaknesses into strengths. SMS can be used as a tool for communication in case of an issue (to solve internal and external conflicts). They are quick, they have a high open rate and it’s a clear and direct way of communication. 

So, at an internal level, you can use this type of message to:

  • Notify of errors to technical agents in each department. 
  • Alert of errors within the site
  • Notify of purchases to administrators. 
  • Notify the lack of stock in orders.

They are also very useful when informing clients of possible problems or communicate the management of issues to your clients: 

  • Notify special issues in an order: it’s important to keep the client informed and let them know in case there’s an issue before they ask.
  • Inform about an issue being solved: it’s also important to give information about the solving of a conflict, as it’s a way to keep them at ease and guarantee a good client experience. 
  • Follow up of a return process: the same happens in this case. When a client returns a product, this happens because they are not happy with it. If we manage the return in an efficient way and we inform them at all times with an SMS, this issue does not necessarily translate into a loss of trust, but quite the contrary.

Security: text messages to guarantee reliable processes

Undoubtedly, another way to gain the trust of your clients is by giving them a feeling of safety and privacy during the whole process of registering and buyung. SMS are perfect for this, as they are personalizable and sent via mobile phone (which is usually accessed only by its owner), guaranteeing more privacy. Let’s see how they can help an Ecommerce in this sense:

  • Verification of the mobile phone as introduced by clients: this is a simple process done by sending an SMS quickly and makes people feel safe. 
  • Validation of the login process: let your clients know they have successfully registered for the platform with an SMS. 
  • Notification of password change in an account: it’s easy to forget a password or not to change the one that comes by default. Using an SMS, we can guarantee that the process has taken place with safety and confidentiality.
  • 2FA processes (double factor authentication) for certain actions such as stored methods of payment: guaranteeing the safety of payments is fundamental in any Ecommerce. SMS can also help you if you decide to implement two-factor authentication.  
  • Recovery of passwords through SMS: who has not forgotten their password? It’s something common, so managing this issue using SMS is a great solution. Send a transactional SMS for the password recovery process as a way of generating trust in your clients. 

Create complicity and offer a personalized attention using messages 

We have seen how transactional SMS can help generate trust and ease by solving issues and by providing an extra security layer. However, in this process of building trust with the client, we can also use SMS to offer a personalized experience and generate more complicity. How?

It’s quite simple. You need to know that keeping constant communication is good during the purchasing process (from payment until after the delivery, with reviews, etc). Why? Because this communication, that covers all the stages when ordering, keeps the client updated and keeps you closer virtually. Besides, it makes the online store closer to the user. This is particularly important in case of issues such as lack of stock, transportation delays, lack of payment confirmation,etc. 

Tips to make your SMS even more efficient:

  • Send your message always starting with the name of your eCommerce company or your brand. We want the consumer to know who is writing to them and why. 
  • When the messages are about a purchase, you should also send them the code, date, and/or amount that corresponds to the order. In this way, you offer a more personalized experience. 
  • Offer an SMS tracking number, So, it’s easier to track down their response and solve complex issues via SMS. Besides, we will not sound like robots or an automated process but as a person.  
  • Establish a communicative and constant relationship in which the client is always updated about their order. We don’t want the client to be the first one to ask. We will generate trust if we go first. 
  • Including emojis in alerts or important messages is a good idea to generate a closer relationship with the client. 
  • Another good practice is to send all the messages with the same sender name. In this way, SMS will be shown within the same thread. The consumer will feel as if they were in a relationship with the business and not getting isolated messages. 

Build loyalty and earn trust with your online deliveries.

If you have reached this stage, you probably know that text messages are a good tool for an Ecommerce company to build trust with their clients. This usually translates into more sales and loyal consumers. But if you still have doubts, reach out to us at LabsMobile and we will be happy to help you with your mass SMS strategy. We’ll be happy to help!

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