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Benefits of the Premium Support Plan

Do you know the LabsMobile Premium Support Plan? It is a service that was launched a year ago.

This premium support service offers direct and improved communication between users and LabsMobile, plus many extra features. The objective of this plan is that our best customers get the best results in their communications and get the most out of the SMS channel and the LabsMobile platform.

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Publication: 06.07.2022
Última modificación: 04.18.2023

Therefore, this exclusive support plan includes prioritization, direct attention, training and advice.

Not only that, but accounts that consume a certain number of monthly credits with high turnover will receive this feature completely free of charge and automatically.

On the other hand, those who do not reach this category will be able to pay and obtain the service on demand with an offer with a minimum duration of 6 months.


Advantages of the Premium Support Plan

Customers accessing the Premium Support Plan will receive all kinds of benefits for free, starting with a direct communication with a LabsMobile expert. A dedicated Key Account Manager will be assigned to act as a contact person.

  1. The first benefit is priority support. Any kind of technical or administrative query will be immediately attended by the team, with total priority over other customers. Communication can be by WhatsApp chat, email, phone call or video call. In this way the support team and the Key Account Manager will coordinate to resolve any query or incident effectively and in the shortest possible time. This last option is very important, as it is offered for the first time and is exclusive to the new service.
  2. On the other hand, it will be possible to access personalized consultancy and advice. This is an exclusive plan that the user can request at any time to improve a specific campaign or action or, in general, to make the communication strategy with the SMS channel more effective.
  3. Premium customers will have at their disposal a Key Account Manager who will advise them on their SMS communications in line with the specific department of the company. The KAM will have a proactive role in terms of recommendations and best practices, in order to optimize and improve sending performance.
  4. Customers will periodically receive a report showing the study of the sendings made and the general activity of the company on the platform.
  5. In addition, it will be possible to request and receive exclusive information about new LabsMobile products or services, which are launched in the market or are about to be offered in our SMS services portfolio.


How to get this service?

Earlier, we mentioned that large accounts will receive the Premium Support service 100% free of charge. In this category, those customers who invoice more than 5€ per day or 150€ per month are included.

These accounts will automatically become Premium, without any management by the user. They will be notified of the new service via email and will be assigned their KAM.

Those customers who do not meet these parameters but want to benefit from the advantages of the Premium Service, can communicate it and the LabsMobile team will evaluate the specific case.

Premium Support has a monthly cost of 80€ and requires a permanence of at least 6 months. To sign up, you can contact us by email requesting the service with your account details.

You can check more details in the Premium Support Plan section of our website or by contacting us through the usual support channels.

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