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An SMS guide for banking entities

SMS marketing has three important features for banks: efficiency, security, and trust. Discover them in this SMS guide for banking entities.

Digital marketing is more and more important and one of the areas that has grown the most is the use of SMS. It is the ideal option to communicate with clientes in the most effective and rapid way. Different companies, especially during the pandemic, have begun to use this resource to improve their effectiveness, among them, banking entities. 

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Publication: 06.18.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022
Categories: Financial entities

SMS marketing has three important features for banks: efficiency, security, and trust. Discover them in this SMS guide for banking entities.

SMS uses for finance entities

Finance entities can take advantage of SMS to carry out different functions. It is one of the most recommended channels for communication, even above emails or phone calls. This is because SMS have a much higher open rate without entering a SPAM folder.

Messages are a great way to provide instant information to clients. This information may be about:

  • Changing personal data in their accounts.
  • Transfer confirmation or money movements.
  • Payments effectively done. 
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Security alerts.

It’s very common that, to carry out online purchases or to transfer money, the page asks for a PIN or any other type of code. These are security measures to avoid fraud or theft by third parties. The same happens when a person wants to enter a bank account from the web version: because of two-factor authentication, you’ll need to receive an access code via another channel. These one-time codes can be sent, for example, through a text message.

To avoid using cash today, most people use their bank accounts to pay for services and bills. Thus, banking entities can send messages with due date reminders. SMS are also a great opportunity to communicate promotions to clients. For example, a 20% discount during the weekend using a debit card. You can also offer a new service, such as a credit card with bonafide fees during the first few months. 

An SMS guide for banking entities

Efficiency and speed when sending SMS comes from your database. Banks have databases with information about their users and store them in their files. Between this information is their phone number, which is used to send the message.

The best advantage offered by LabsMobile is that clients can import a file in different compatible formats. For example, an Excel file. In this way, banking entities can take advantage of their existing databases instead of creating a new one or moving data manually. 

The personalization of SMS 

One of the main advantages of SMS marketing is the personalization of communication. Messages are sent in a personal way to each client, including their name, which generates a deeper and more trusted relationship. There should not be generic texts that inspire rejection in receivers.

Using a header when sending an SMS is very important. This allows for the user to know exactly who sent the message from the very beginning (in this case, a bank). Then, they will feel safe when it comes to communication, which is crucial for banking entities. Start using SMS for your bank and discover all the benefits with our LabsMobile company. 

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