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7 Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns

In this article you can find five tips to help you launch a successful SMS marketing campaign. We know that sometimes it’s hard to think outside the box, so we have given you some ideas to choose from. Pick the ones you like best and go for it! Here are our top tips.

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Publication: 08.30.2017
Última modificación: 06.08.2023

Tips for SMS Marketing Campaigns

1 Timing and relevance: Think about the specific purpose of your message and its target audience, as well as the time of day that you send it. Social networking managers know what we're talking about: you should be aware of peak viewing times and take advantage of them if they are a good fit for your product.

2 A call to action is vital: The best SMS campaigns are those that offer potential customers an easy way to take the next step in the sales funnel, like visiting a website or clicking on an event.

3 Talk to your customers: Always keep an open communication channel, all feedback and responses are helpful.

4 Keep notes of the successes and failures: Learn what works and what doesn’t. Use your common sense.

5 Give a clear, stress free option to cancel the subscription: This will ensure that you keep angry customers to a minimum.

7 Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns

  1. In 2011, a new family restaurant opened its doors in Memphis. Launching a communication strategy incorporating an SMS campaign, they were able to bring in hundreds of prospective customers. The restaurant was so successful that they are still using SMS campaigns today, and have opened a second establishment. What was in the SMS message? A promise of a free meal for customers that joined their subscribers list.  
  2. In Australia, The Good Guys launched a huge SMS campaign where they offered a $25 discount for every $100 dollars spent. Remember to renew and refresh your offers so customers keep opening messages.
  3.   The Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas included discounts and access to new services for those who joined their subscribers list. This led to a 13% increase of new customers.
  4. Also in Australia, Laser Clinics have demonstrated how to spread brand awareness by using SMS campaigns. Their messages are concise and offer unique advantages to potential customers. On top of that, they always start the messages with the company’s initials – nice idea!  
  5. Suttons SMS campaigns have focused on two essential points. Firstly, the website is easily accessible from the SMS message, and is optimized for mobile phone use. This is something that the majority of customers will look for. Secondly, they have created a striking space on the website where the latest offers are clearly visible to potential customers.
  6. Steak My Day in Porto creates campaigns that combine SMS messages and social networks with ease. They promote a 2-for-1 special offer on social media, providing a link where customers are asked to insert their phone number.
  7. Kraft Foods conducted a marketing campaign for their new instant coffee offering a free sample for subscribers on their SMS list. From this campaign, they received over 400,000 requests for their new instant coffee and an increase in subscribers. Another case of advertising effectively using relatively simple resources.

In short, we recommend using some of these tips in your own campaigns. Combine what others have already done with a touch of originality and you will have a recipe for success.

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