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5 SMS landing pages that your customers can’t wait to receive

SMS messaging is becoming one of the cornerstones of mobile marketing. Using SMS Landing pages in the messages that you send to your customers provides some extra useful information straight into their mobile phones.

SMS Landings can link to a wide variety of multimedia content: images, videos, web pages, social networks and surveys. They can also help with sales strategies and brand loyalty content.

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Publication: 05.14.2018
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

An SMS landing page is an optimized web page adapted to all mobile devices, integrated into your SMS as a hyperlink.

For an SMS landing page to work it has to be clear, attractive and easy to navigate. The more you define your objectives in your landing page, the better you will reach your customers, and the more you will boost your sales.

5 SMS landing pages that your customers can’t wait to receive

Keep in mind:

  • The goal of a landing page: to inform customers about a new product or event, sell products, attract followers on social networks, take part in competitions, lead capture, offer discount codes or send download links.
  • Segment your database. If you segment your target audience, it will be easier for you to personalize the content and aesthetic for each of your customers.
  • Create a different landing page for your target audience. For example: A unisex clothing store. Create a different landing pages with different images for men and women, depending on whether your online store sells more dresses and skirts, or pants and shirts.
  • Optimize the design of your landing page, taking into account the quality of the images, the typography, and colors. For example: An eye catching vertical navigation panel with fast loading images and punchy descriptions.
  • Here are some examples below:   

Just imagine, with the LabsMobile SMS Landings Editor you don’t have to pay for a designer, you can simply do it yourself by uploading images and designing the sections the way that you want.

[caption id="attachment_3197" align="alignnone" width="1440"]SMS Landing Editor. SMS landing Editor.[/caption]

  • Generate creative copy for SMS Landing. Your content catch the customer’s interest but also provide useful information.
  • Offer relevant products to your customers and try to outshine your market competition.  
  • If the landing page is a form, it should be fast and easy fill out. Simplicity is vital.

SMS Landings are getting great results for companies that operate in all sectors. Here are some examples.  

[caption id="attachment_3198" align="alignnone" width="1426"]SMS Editor SMS Editor[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3199" align="alignnone" width="1437"]SMS Landings SMS Editor[/caption]

5 examples of SMS Landing that you can send:

1  Welcome messages: thank your customers for registering, or for their first purchase.

2 Birthday messages: congratulate your customers and offer them discounts, increasing customer loyalty.

3 Order confirmations: send information on the delivery date and address.

4 Appointment reminders: your most forgetful customers will appreciate it. Customers can also easily change appointment times rather than cancelling them.

5 Special promotions: use SMS to send promotional codes to your clients on certain dates such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, or your company’s anniversary to increase sales.

[caption id="attachment_3201" align="alignnone" width="1200"]SMS Editor landings. Examples and Previews. 5 examples of sms landings.[/caption]

As you can see, a careful strategy can increase your success. Take advantage of SMS Landings!

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