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5 marketing strategies for Black Friday. Get ready!

Black Friday is almost upon us. It’s one of the key dates that your company cannot miss. This is a crucial point in the year because many sales are generated. You should take advantage of this special date and increase your efficiency (and earnings) with digital marketing.

These are days when users move by impulses. They receive a lot of messages in their smartphones with discounts that are usually limited in time. They have Christmas present in their heads and the act of purchasing becomes compulsive. In this point, we need to reach our clients wherever they are and what better way than by a smartphone they always carry with them.

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Publication: 11.16.2023
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Users don’t wait to arrive home to connect and purchase but they can do so from their smartphones on the train, work, or during lunch. That is why any idea you implement should always take into account the smartphone as the main device. Of course, if you have a physical store, don’t forget about the other marketing channels. Trying to combine strategies is a good idea.

But before talking about strategies, one of the most important recommendations is to segment your public correctly. In fact, it is the key to success. It’s not the same when you have a client that is buying for the first time than a recurrent one.

That is why using SMS to develop marketing campaigns is the best option in these cases. They have a very high open rate (almost 98%), so your clients will surely know about your offer. With LabsMobile, you’ll be able to send messages in a quick and massive way very easily to achieve the highest volume of sales possible during Black Friday. Here we present you with 5 marketing strategies so you get ready for Black Friday without issues.

Ideas for Black Friday Marketing

1. Create interesting promotions

For Black Friday marketing, it’s important to create expectations and to communicate them well. The first option is the most logical of all: send different types of offers and promotions to clients with the objective of selling more products. You can use different strategies but remember that you should always give all the information to the client. Some ideas are:

  • Send discount coupons presenting the SMS that was sent. Remember to say when it starts, when it ends, and what code to use. Don’t forget to use a short URL (in LabsMobile, you’ll be able to personalize it) so the user can access the offer directly.
  • Treat them with extra gifts. Clients who purchase can be given a secondary product as a gift.
  • Limited promotions. Create discounts or 2x1 promotions for a limited number of units per user or depending on stock. In this way, you’ll look very exclusive so users need to buy in that moment because otherwise, the products will be sold off.
  • Cross-selling promotions. You can also establish promotions in products that are related among them. Cross-selling is very effective. You should offer complementary products to clients who have already purchased something. For example, if somebody buys a gaming keyboard, you can offer them a mouse and a headset.
  • Take advantage of the SMS Landing tool and create a special site with all the available offers during Black Friday. Using an external link in your message, your clients will only have to click on them and will be directed to your website.

>2. Step in front of your competitors>

Black Friday should be a crucial date in your annual calendar. You should know beforehand what day it will be to schedule your marketing campaigns. With this information, you can be ahead in the game and start offering your discounts some days before the official date.

Send SMS to your clients and let them know about the beginning of the offers, so you’ll be ahead of your competitors. You should make it clear that it’s the same percentage of discount and the same promotions that will be present during the Black Friday weekend to avoid confusions.

Many online and physical stores begin their promotions during the whole month of November. An example is LabsMobile, which during the whole month offers a discount of 20% in all the messages sent.

3. Create a gift list

As mentioned above, Black Friday is a date of compulsive purchases, and you’ll have different types of clients. You’ll find those who want to products for themselves, those who want to check out the promotions, and those who are looking for a gift. Indeed, Black Friday is many times the starting date for the Christmas purchasing season.

For this reason, you can take advantage of it and craft a gift list. You’ll offer people with an array of products, ideal for indecisive clients. Again, you can make use of an SMS Landing and create a site with the list to make it easier for people to browse it. For example, a catalogue of PS5 games or the best gifts for people who love to travel, such as a comfortable pillow or a notebook where they can store their pictures and memories.

While we recommend you create a Landing web (responsive to make use of all the features available for people who have a mobile device), it’s possible to create a catalogue or a guide in PDF format or as an editable file (doc, xls, etc). This type of file is also easily shareable between users and can be converted into something that can be viralized, increasing the success of any campaign.

4. Reward loyal clients

During this date, a lot of people go to shops to buy products. However, you have loyal clients who choose your brand the whole year. We should reward them somehow. For example, with exclusive promotions, anticipated ones only for them, they cannot find in any other site or social media.

With your database, you can distinguish between loyal clients and give them exclusive benefits as rewards.

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5. Create a sense of urgency

To increase sales, it’s very important to catch clients’ attention and create a sense of urgency so they buy your products. Use phrases in your SMS like “last minutes to take advantage of our Black Friday promotions”, “get our best products with discounts before the stock ends”, or “just in the next few hours, obtain % of discount in your purchases”.

As we have commented before, it’s also possible to make people feel they have to buy your product because the units are limited. In this way, you’ll impact clients because they’ll need to buy before the product they want is over.

5 marketing strategies for Black Friday. Get ready!

Black Friday is one of the most important dates in the year (it means, together with Christmas, 30% of the annual sales) and so it’s fundamental to take advantage of SMS marketing to improve your sales.

We have presented you with many ideas and with our LabsMobile platform, you’ll be able to carry out the one you like the most. You’ll have everything you need and you’ll enjoy all the features you require to design and measure your campaign successfully. Take advantage of Black Friday to the maximum and observe how your sales grow!

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