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10 template examples to send SMS messages to your clients

In today’s world, digital and mobile marketing are essential tools for companies. SMS messages are the ideal option to carry them out. 

One of the main advantages of SMS is the speed with which you can send them. This process can be accelerated even more withpredetermined templates. These are messages already written that can be edited and sent massively with different objectives, depending on your purpose. 

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Publication: 09.29.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

With the LabsMobile platform, you’ll be able to store different templates to send SMS in an easy, quick, and massive manner. 

10  types of templates to send SMS

Marketing campaigns with SMS allow you to fulfill different objectives. In the same way, you can store different types of templates, each of them destined to a particular function. Then, you can use them whenever you need them.

Something to take into account, beyond the type of template, is the personalization of messages. It’s key to start your SMS messages with the name of the client, for example. This shows a special attention on your part instead of just a generic conversation and this improves your relationship.

SMS template for sales

One of the many uses of templates is the area of sales. You can have them ready to be sent when trying to sell a product or service.

1One of the most common options is discounts or promotions: “(Name), take advantage of this weekend’s offers! With this message, receive an X% discount on our products.”

2Another alternative are new product launchings. “Hello, name. Our latest product is out now. Find it in our stores, hurry before it runs out”.

3Many companies can give away a small gift to their clients on their birthdays: Congratulations, name! Let’s celebrate your birthday with a gift. Take advantage of this discount coupon in your next purchase”.

SMS template examples for communication 

Templates are also very useful to communicate with clients. It’s possible to send specific messages in a quick manner.

4First, to welcome a new client. “Welcome, name! Thanks for joining our company. From now on, you’ll have the best experience.”

5They can be used in home deliveries: “Name, the product you bought is on its way and will arrive at your home in the next few hours. Thank you for choosing us!”

6Also for appointment reminders: “Hi, client. Remember you have an appointment next Monday at 18:00. Please, answer this message to confirm. In case you want to move the date, click here”.

7Lastly, you can send important information: “Querido (nombre del cliente). Hemos sufrido un inconveniente y la tienda permanecerá cerrada los próximos dos días. Disculpa las molestias”.

SMS template examples for charges

Templates are also a great way to send invoices and remind people of upcoming charges.

8ou can send pending invoices: “Hi, client. Your last invoice is ready. You have until “date” to pay. Enter this link for more info.

9You can establish a template to remind people of expirations. “Dear client, you have a pending balance about to expire. Remember to pay before this date to eliminate the debt”.

10You can let your clients know about different payment methods. “Hello, client. You have these payment methods available to make a payment. In this link, you’ll find all the info you need.”

10 template examples to send SMS messages to your clients

With the LabsMobile platform, you’ll be able to store all the templates you wish to send your SMS more easily and comfortably!

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