Account preferences

Create and use short urls in your SMS campaigns and sendings.

Explore in depth the settings and preferences of your LabsMobile account in this video tutorial. Understanding and properly adjusting your account preferences is a crucial aspect of getting the most out of all the features LabsMobile has to offer.

Among the many features that LabsMobile covers, you will learn how to use your LabsMobile account in the most effective way.

Among the many features we will cover, we highlight the activation of notifications. This tool is essential to always keep you informed about the current status of your account, including important updates, security alerts, and performance notifications.

In addition, we will delve into how to monitor and control key aspects such as billing and purchase history, fundamental elements for an effective financial management.

Another important point is the management of emails associated with your account. We'll teach you how to manage your email contacts, which is vital to ensure smooth and secure communication.

Don't miss the opportunity to become an expert in managing your LabsMobile account.

Don't miss the opportunity to become an expert in managing your LabsMobile account.

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