Use cases and SMS applications for Sports

Boost participation and improve the logistics of sporting events with LabsMobile. From ticket sales to real-time notifications, our SMS solutions provide a dynamic platform to keep users informed.

This sector includes gyms, sports clubs, sports facilities, martial arts schools, federations, championships or sporting events, yoga centers, pilates,...

The SMS channel for the industry Sports

Sending bulk SMS offers companies or sports organizations such as clubs, gyms or others, the possibility of communicating offers, promotions or events quickly to hundreds or thousands of recipients who are in the database of the entity or sports organization. They also have the possibility of communicating with their employees, customers or partners.

Currently, one of the sectors that benefits most from mobile marketing is the sports or leisure sector, thanks in part to the high use of cell phones by consumers in this sector. The population that practices sports or leisure activities coincide in age with those who use smartphones more intensively. Therefore, SMS campaigns and transactional messages will have an even higher read rate and a higher success rate.

The SMS channel offers many possibilities and helps to keep customers informed, generate new purchases, service extensions or build loyalty with existing customers or partners.

Main sector uses Sports

  • New member recruitment campaigns
  • Confirmations to events
  • Registration for sporting events or activities
  • Relevant information: schedules, announcements, rates, etc.
  • Promotions to members or current users
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of reservations
  • Notifications of collection or update of tariffs
  • Claiming of non-payments
  • Unforeseen situations alert
  • User loyalty messages
  • Discharge and cancellation confirmations

Examples of SMS messages for the industry Sports

Start operation bikini ☀️👙☀️. Get in shape this summer with our extra ab classes. Save 50% on tuition this month:
Description: Campaign to attract new customers. The objective is to publicize a new promotion for new customers.
Extend your fee 🏋 before the end of this month with full schedule with the new fee of 43,20€/month FOREVER! 🚀 More details:
Description: Communication of a promotion to current customers. The objective is to expand the services consumed by the member or to acquire additional services.
📆 💰 Hi Patricia, remember that this week we will collect the quarterly fee of 💶 147,80€ in your bank account. Contact us at 914327281 if you prefer to change the fee or defer payment.
Description: Reminder notification of direct debit or recurring payments. The objective is to keep the customer informed and avoid returns.

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