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Sending the daily menu offer

Sending the daily offer of a restaurant. The objective is to spread a dynamic or changing offer every day, in addition to attracting the customer to the establishment with a reminder.

🌶 Today, Tuesday we have our lasagna and tuna marinated as ⭐️ star dishes. Here you will find the menu, seasonal dishes, options and prices:

The content of the message should highlight the most attractive characteristics of the offer. It is not necessary to present all the options.

In most cases this message is sent to a database of regular customers. That is, they already know the establishment and want to know the changing offer.

It is essential to include a link with the complete offer and the other details. This information will convince the indecisive clients.

Optionally it is interesting to add a form for customers to book and ensure their presence.

It is also possible to segment customers and offer a discount or points program for customers who come back on a recurring basis. These discounts can also be random and therefore customers will pay more attention to the messages they receive.

This type of message is applicable to any company that has a very changing offer either daily or weekly. In a simple way and in seconds you can spread a message to thousands of customers.

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