Examples and case studies for the sector sports

This sector includes gyms, sports clubs, sports facilities, martial arts schools, federations, championships or sporting events, yoga centers, pilates, ...

Massive SMS sending offers companies or sports entities such as clubs, gyms or others, the ability to communicate offers, promotions or events quickly to hundreds or thousands of recipients who are in the database of the entity or organization sporty. They also have the possibility of communicating with their employees, customers or partners.

Currently, one of the sectors that most benefits from mobile marketing is the sports sector or leisure, thanks in part to the great use of mobile consumers in this sector. The population that practices sports or leisure activities coincide in age with those that use smartphones the most. Therefore, SMS campaigns and messages transactions will have an even higher reading rate and a greater success rate.

The SMS sending channel offers many possibilities and helps to keep customers informed, generate new purchases, expand services or retain customers or current partners.

Possible uses

  • Campaigns to attract new members
  • Confirmations to events
  • Registration in events or sports activities
  • Relevant information: schedules, press releases, rates, etc.
  • Promotions to members or current users
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of reservations
  • Collection notifications or update rates
  • Claim of defaults
  • Alert of unforeseen situations
  • User authentication messages
  • Confirmations of registration and cancellations


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