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The sending of SMS messages from software systems has different uses such as solving security aspects, logistics, and providing new forms of marketing.

The most widespread use is communication with end users to notify, remember or simply keep the client informed of their appointments or orders.

But SMS communication is also used to validate and verify the identity of users (with OTP codes or 2FA techniques). These aspects guarantee the authorship of certain actions and access to restricted private areas.

It is also common that many of the vertical management software (clinics, hairdressers, dentists, workshops, etc.) have an SMS module from which they can communicate with the customer database or conduct campaigns.

Possible uses

  • Authentication of users through codes
  • Notification of errors or server crashes
  • Validation of users before restricted actions
  • Direct communication with clients from vertical software
  • SMS reservation management module
  • SMS module for sending promotional campaigns
  • Viralization messages in mobile applications and portals
  • Notification of changes of states in online orders