Examples and case studies for the sector real estate

This sector includes real estate agencies, online portals, property managers, ...

The use of SMS for real estate portals and agencies allows customers to be informed at all times. In particular you can send the status of the properties that meet the needs of the customer or just when new properties go on the market. It is also possible to send a web landing through a link that shows the details of the property.

The sending of SMS for real estate is the key tool to increase the efficiency in sales because it allows for secure communication to each customer with the offer that the recipient wants. The key in this case is to have a system where to inform the interests of the buyer and the characteristics of the database of available properties.

The characteristics of the SMS (immediate, massive, economic, global) make it an ideal channel to communicate with buyers and sellers.

Possible uses

  • Notification of registration of new property
  • Confirmation of high or low in the database
  • Alerts of price changes of selected properties
  • Confirmation and reminder of visits
  • Campaign to attract new clients or real estate
  • Notification of charges or rate changes
  • Coordination of the commercial team
  • Information on administrative procedures


Other sectors

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