Examples and case studies for the sector commerce

This sector includes fashion and accessories stores, hairdressers, pharmacies, supermarkets, opticians, markets, home repair, ...

Traditional stores are a sector that constantly need to renew their marketing formulas as they compete with other new businesses and online platforms. SMS can help attract new customers, get them to buy and then retain them so they can buy on a recurring basis.

Thanks to the use of SMS, businesses can enhance and build their relationship with customers, suppliers or their own staff.

Any physical trade can benefit from SMS sendings and reach their potential buyers quickly and safely. Any customer will like to receive valuable information.

In particular, if the business needs to quote its customers, reminders and collection notices are of vital importance. In this way an agile and efficient communication process is automated.

Possible uses

  • Promotion or discount campaigns
  • Communication of available products
  • Weekly or seasonal offers
  • Appointment reminder
  • Reminder of purchase or periodic appointments
  • Product pick-up notification
  • Sending opening hours
  • Stock clearance or last units
  • Information on events or special activities


Other sectors

Success stories

  • Maqueens
    Beauty salons
  • TripMedic
    Medical appointments abroad
  • PlandUp
    Web application to confirm event attendance