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Seasonal offer

Promotion message during a certain time. The objective is the sale of limited places or products when their consumption is habitual.

Take advantage of our OFFER for this SUMMER ☀️ 🌴 ⛵️, learn ENGLISH by traveling, RESERVE YOUR PLACE with 30% off at

The content of this type of message clearly and concisely shows a promotion for a limited time. It is necessary to include the information of the good or service that is being offered and what offer is communicated.

It is very important to include a link with additional information and where you can also buy or reserve a place. In this way an immediate purchase is achieved without waiting or unnecessary procedures. The registration and payment form must be optimized for mobile devices.

The purpose of the message is to create a sense of urgency because there is a deadline or few units. In addition, the good or service must be consumed on a certain date.

This type of message is ideal for any company that offers products or services for a specific season that normally coincides with the maximum billing period. Therefore it is important to have the most effective communication channels such as SMS messages.

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