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Season promotion

Campaign to attract new customers. The objective is to publicize a new promotion for new clients.

Operation Beach Bod begins now ☀️👙☀️ Get fit this summer with our extra abdominal classes. Save 50% this month on enrollment:

The content of this message is an offer or special promotion to attract new customers. The objective is that the recipients register as partners or acquire the product that is offered.

It is important to attach a link so that the recipient can register or give their information so they can get in touch. In this way the registration time is simplified and reduced, giving a greater conversion.

This type of recruitment campaign can be done from any company or entity that has partners or customers that pay a monthly fee.

It is usual that the recipients of these messages are old members and therefore you can segment these users according to age, consumption, geographical point, etc. and adjust the promotion accordingly.

Seasonal promotions are an incredible way to make people think in advance. For example, when summer time approaches, you can start sending ads on how to get fit for the summer season before going to the beach. This is a fantastic sales tactic to sell your gym membership and abdominal classes to people who think ahead of time about getting in shape for the summer.

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