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Reminder and information of a reservation

Notification and information of the details of a reservation. The objective of this message is to facilitate the entry of the client and to give the maximum information of interest.

🏨 Carl, tomorrow you have a reservation at our Hotel 📍 322 Palms Str, Florida. More information about your room, hours, location or services at

The content of the message must include the basic information of the reservation. In particular the day of entry and the address to easily locate the accommodation. It is important to keep a close deal and personalize the message with the customer's name or information.

It is also advisable to include a link with the other details of the accommodation or reservation. In this way the client can review this information during the wait or transportation that leads to the accommodation.

All this information avoids absences and improves the relationship with the client. They also avoid unnecessary consultations and misunderstandings in the reservation or characteristics of the accommodation.

This type of message can be applied to any company make reservations of their stays as in the hotel sector but also for any sector that rents or reserves spaces.

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