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Registration information

Confirmation message of a school registration. The objective is to inform and obtain an express confirmation for the subsequent collection.

Hello Ana, you already have the AC30 registration formalized. The price will be 💶 $92.30 per month. Please sign and confirm 📝 the inscription at

The content of the message consists of the basic information of the registration and the amount to be paid. It is important to add a clear action to confirm with a link to an online form. This form should be optimized for mobile devices and should be easy and intuitive.

The link can also contain all the detailed information of the course or syllabus hired. In this way you can make a purchase order or contract to subsequently collect the amount in question.

The objective is to inform but also to generate a confirmation of the amount and conditions of payment that will avoid returns or defaults.

This type of message can be applied to any educational center with payments by direct debit or in general to any company of any sector that needs to confirm the realization of a service or sale of a product for a certain amount.

These messages facilitate administrative procedures and reduce the costs of personnel in an educational center. The procedures are carried out more quickly, easily and with less associated costs.

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