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Promotion of an opening event

Campaign of communication of an event. The objective is to attract the maximum public to an inauguration giving to concer the most outstanding characteristics.

🥂 Come to the opening of our summer terrace! Friday 12 at ⏱ 9pm. We invite you to have a beer and enjoy the best live music! Sign up at

The content of the message includes the presentation of a special event. The basic data such as the date/time must be communicated and also the additional characteristics that will decide the attendance to the event.

It is important to include a link with all the detailed information and an enrollment form. In this way, overcrowding is avoided and all the data of the attendees is collected.

En el texto del mensaje se pueden añadir las plazas disponibles o dar una sesación de exclusividad. De esta forma se incrementará la efectividad y porcentaje de inscripciones.

It is also advisable to send a message confirming the reservation or registration. And also a reminder the day before the start of the event.

This type of message is applicable to any company that organizes events either its main activity or a method of loyalty or sales argument.

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