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Pick up of a vehicle

Communication to remind customers that their car is already repaired and ready to be picked up. The objective is to speed up the management of repairs delivery.

Russel's Auto Shop
🚙 Hello Sarah, your car is ready for pickup! The amount of the repair is 💶 $243.5, details:
👉 Hours: 8-5 M-F

The content of the message must include the total amount of the repair and the data necessary for the collection, such as the time or address of the center.

It is also advisable to include a link with the details of the concepts and all the repair information.

It is important to include a contact method so that the client can expand the information or resolve any questions.

This type of transactional message can be applied to any company that makes deliveries or repairs. The messages can be automated from the management software of the workshop or center.

Collection alerts are a cost-effective way to communicate that a customer's car is ready to be picked up. This way of alerting customers saves your company a large amount of time and is notified in seconds thanks to SMS communication. With alternative methods such as telephone calls, staff spend more time calling or locating clients. Emails are ignored as spam or can not be consulted immediately.

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