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Payment reminder

Reminder notification of domiciled or recurring payments. The objective is to keep the client informed and avoid returns.

📆 💰 Hello Patricia, remember that this week we will charge the quarterly fee for the amount of 💶 $147.80 in your bank account. Contact us at 715327281 if you prefer to change the fee or postpone payment.

The content of the message must include the total amount that will be charged to the customer. It is useful to add a link to the details of all the concepts and details of the services provided and conditions.

It is also important to add a contact method to answer questions or request additional information.

The objective of this message is to keep the client informed about the bank charges and to avoid returns that suppose an extra cost.

This type of transactional message can be applied to any company or organization that charges recurrently to its customers, especially if it is done by direct debit.

Collection reminders are an excellent way to communicate with your customers and build loyalty. These messages contribute greatly to gain the trust and respect of their customers. It shows that you are conducting an honest and moral business and, in general, will keep customers around for longer.

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