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Online reservation confirmation

Communication of a reservation made in an online portal. The objective is to confirm the reservation and show all the associated information.

📆 Your reservation has been confirmed. You have an appointment on 12/03 at 12 noon on 📍23 Andrews Street. Cancel or modify your appointment at

The content of the message includes the basic data of the reservation such as dates and location. The message should begin with the confirmation and thanking the purchase or trust in the online portal.

It is essential to include a link to a landing web optimized for mobile devices that contains all the information and details of the reservation. In this way, the user will be able to access this information at any time from the SMS message.

It is vital to include the address since many current devices recognize them and you can access a system of maps or gps to access more easily.

A system of modification or cancellation of the reservation must also be provided. This speeds up the possible modification and you can take advantage of this period for other clients.

A good management of reserves is essential for a good treatment to the client. The constant and effective communication is one of the main factors to retain a customer and return to buy recurrently.

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