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Offer extension services

Communication of a promotion to current clients. The objective is to expand the services that the member consumes or that he acquires additional.

Expand your quota 🏋 before the end of this month with a full schedule and a new fee of only € 43.20/month FOREVER 🚀 More details:

The content of the message should clearly and concisely describe the offer and the price of the extension or complementary service.

It is very important that the registration is easy and fast through a link in the message itself. The link must show the details of the offer and an enrollment form. This website and form must be prepared for mobile devices.

This type of campaign can be applied to any entity or organization that has partners or members.

A massive campaign allows you to reach an unlimited number of specific clients in a matter of seconds. Almost instantaneously, you can communicate new or bonus promotions to your current, former, or future customers. Therefore, this allows you to keep your customers up to date with all offers and capitalize on service extensions or complementary products.

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