Sector health

Notice of medical evidence collection

Message to inform about the availability of medical results or important documentation.

Hi Maria, the results 📉 of your medical tests are now available at The Center. You can also download the document at
👉 with your password 456FG.

The content of the message is to notify the results of a medical test or the availability of any documentation or information important to the patient. It contains the basic data of the test or treatment.

The objective of this message is to inform and in turn decongest the analysis collection department by facilitating online and remote access.

This type of message can be applied to any medical center or clinic that performs medical tests. It is especially recommended for centers or clinical analysis laboratories where the main activity is the delivery of tests and analysis.

It is important to send the results in digital format through a link in the message itself. If the medical center has an online analytical system, it will be easier for patients to enter the link and download their results without having to physically go to the medical tests or analysis counter.