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New property offer

Communication of a new offer that meets the criteria of the buyer. The objective is to present the availability of a property that may be of interest to the recipient.

🏠 Hello John, a new apartment has been published for sale in the sector of your search. All info:

The content of the message must be a summary of the property. It is advisable to personalize the message to have a closer treatment.

The message must contain a link to all the details of the new property such as price, size, location, etc. This information will be vital for the client to decide on their interest.

Optionally, the link can include a form to contact the agency or to book a face-to-face visit to the property. In this case it is advisable to send a message confirming the visit and another reminder a few hours before with the location data.

It is usual to implement this type of solution in a property supply and demand management system. In this system, the available properties are stored with all their data and also the clients that seek to buy with their criteria or preferences.

This type of message can be applied to any company in the unsecured sector but also to any company in which the sale/decision period is long and with a very different type of products such as second-hand car sales companies.

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