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Medical appointment reminder

Message to remember an upcoming medical appointment. The objective is to avoid absences and optimize the medical center's agenda.

🕙 Hi Maria, remember that tomorrow, Tuesday June 16th, you have an appointment at the Maina dental clinic at 5:00 p.m. (Hamilton 32 2n 2nd Street). Call us at 215623672 to modify your appointment.

The content of the message is a reminder of a medical appointment. It contains the essential information such as day, time and address. As well as a contact method to cancel or modify the appointment.

The objective of this message is to reduce the absence of patients. In the event that the patient wants to cancel the appointment, that appointment could be rescheduled for another patient, optimizing the consultation hours.

This type of message can be applied to any medical center or consultation that requires a prior appointment.

If the medical center has an online reservation system it is possible to include a link in the message to modify or cancel the appointment. In this way the user can see the available hours and change the appointment at his convenience.