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Limited promotion

Promotion for a specific period. The goal is an increase in sales accumulated in a short space of time at the cost of an attractive discount.

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The content of the message is a substantial offer that attracts a high percentage of buyers. It is very important to limit to a period of time or to limit the number of units to create a sense of shortage and increase the compulsive purchase.

It is highly recommended to include a link where you can find the catalog of products in promotion with all the details. In addition to being able to make the purchase from the same mobile device.

It is possible to detect the mobile number from which an order is being made and therefore, if the customer has already given his data, it is possible to make the purchase with a few clicks of confirmation. This quick and easy way to finalize an order substantially increases the success of this type of campaign.

This type of promotional message is applicable to any company that wants to make a special promotion and increase sales in a short period of time.

It is important that the message identifies the brand or company that makes the promotion. If the customer is loyal and has a good image of this company, the effectiveness of the SMS messages sent increases.

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