Sector automotive

Limited offer

Campaign to communicate a limited time offer or discount. The goal is to increase sales through these promotional SMS messages.

Auto Repair
🔥 ONLY this week through SMS we offer you a discount of 🌟40%🌟 in exchange for pneumatics. Check the models and conditions at
👉 Take advantage of this UNIQUE offer!

The content of the message should be a clear and concise offer. It is useful that the offer is for a certain period of time to be able to provide inventory or extra personnel.

It is recommended to add a link to a web landing that expands the offer with attractive multimedia material and with all the conditions. It is also possible to include a form to book or get an appointment.

This type of campaign can be applied to any company in the automotive sector and especially those that sell products or repair service.

The automotive offer messages are an ideal way to use SMS to keep customers informed of any new promotion. Keeping clients up-to-date on limited offers can keep customers loyal and attend the workshop on a recurring basis. In many cases sales include more products or services than those included in the promotion, thus increasing the billing and also the success of the campaign.