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Last units clearance

Offer of last units of a product. The objective is to make last minute sales with a special promotion.

⚡️ We only have 8 seats left ⚡️ for the TOUR for the Greek Island of 7 days. 💣 Offer 2x1 for less than € 500, book now at

The content is a special offer of limited units either due to scarcity or due to the proximity over time. Therefore it is necessary to clearly explain the offer but also when and how good or service will be obtained.

It is highly recommended to include a link to book or buy the ticket directly. In this way, the compulsive purchase is taken advantage of at the time caused by the attractive offer and by the limited time of the offer.

This type of link must be connected to an event ticket management system that controls the available units, payment methods, etc.

The objective of this type of message is to sell the last units of a product or service and thus obtain a higher yield. Normally they are places or remaining units but they can also be last minute cancellations that they try to take advantage of for other people.

This type of campaign or promotion can be applied to any company in any sector that sells limited units or activities with a number of places that must be sold before a certain date.

The sales messages of last units or outlet are an extremely persuasive sales tactic. Consumers see in this type of offer an exclusive product or service that they will not be able to enjoy and that will happen imminently. Furthermore, if it is accompanied by a discount, consumption becomes even more attractive.

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