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Invitation to an event

Communication to attend an event or activity. The objective is to disseminate a particular event and get maximum assistance.

As a VIP 😎 client, we invite you to our summer welcome party this Friday at 11pm with star guests and many surprises. 💃 🕺 Confirm your attendance at

The content of this type of message should be the motivation of the event and the basic data of it. That is, the date, time, place and very important the most important and attractive features.

It is highly recommended to include a link with multimedia material (photos, videos, etc.) of the event and an online assistance confirmation method. In this way the same recipient can join the list of attendees without manual intervention and unnecessary waiting.

Once the attendance confirmation is produced it is important to send a new message to the user confirming the place and also a reminder a few hours or the day before the event.

This type of call to an event can be applied to any company or organization that requires to promote a certain activity. Either the event is the direct income form of the company or is a way to indirectly promote or retain their customers.

Invitations to events through SMS are an extremely easy way since you can contact a large number of people. In a matter of seconds you can invite countless people to give the feeling of a personal invitation. This is achieved by segmenting the database and customizing the SMS message.

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