Sector commerce

Information of loyalty points

Communication to clients with a loyalty card. The objective is to remember the customer's relationship and encourage a future purchase.

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The content of the message is the update of the points or balance of a loyalty card. It is important to include the expiration date or the possibilities of use.

This message can be sent immediately after a purchase, when the customer has added points to your card. It is also advisable to send a message remembering the balance when the expiration date is next.

You can also redirect the customer to a catalog where you can consult the available products or more interesting according to your profile to exchange with the advantages of your loyalty card. This information increases interest and prepares an impending purchase.

This type of message can be applied to any company in any sector that has a loyalty system. It should be remembered that the SMS channel is a very convenient way to notify this type of information. Other methods such as intranets, emails, or mobile apps have a very low effectiveness and impediments to many segments of the population.