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Entry purchase promotion

Discount promotion on a ticket to a show. The objective is to sell the maximum tickets to an event.

📍Buy your ticket NOW for the 🎸Dire Straits concert of the day 8/12 at 8:00 with a 🎯 -30% discount on

The content of the message must include clearly and easily the promotion with the basic data such as date and discount to apply. It is advisable not to give a final price but only the magnitude of the discount to capture the attention of the user and that this price is the final price when you feel that it is a great offer and that you can not lose it.

It is highly recommended to include a link to book or buy the ticket directly. Therefore, this type of link must be connected to a ticket management system that controls the available units, payment methods, etc.

The objective of this type of message is to publicize an event, that is, start the sale. Or on the contrary it can also be used to sell the last available units, usually a few hours before the event itself.

This message can be applied to any company in the entertainment or cultural sector that sells tickets to events.

You can increase the effectiveness of this type of message if there are data from previous purchases of the recipients and thus segment the potential recipients. In this way discounts can be offered depending on the possible interest.

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