Sector real estate

Customer acquisition campaign

Communication of a promotion for new clients. The objective is to attract clients in exchange for an attractive benefit or promotion.

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The content of the message should be a clear and simple offer. But that is sufficiently capturing to attract new customers.

In the real estate sector, it is vital to have a wide range of properties and to renew and expand the offer. Therefore, the capture of customers and real estate is a basic work for the billing of this type of company.

The offer or promotion can be the saving of a cost or the extra administrative management by the real estate agency. In any case it is a saving in cost or time for the owner of a property can be a good argument for you to decide to bring your property to the agency.

It is important to include a link where the customer can give their contact information or book an appointment with a company commercial. It is also advisable to include all the details of the offer with multimedia material such as photographs, videos or presentations.