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Collection notification

Notification for the collection of a repair. The objective is to effectively manage the collections.

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The content of the message includes the basic data of the repair such as the amount and the repaired product. It is also important to add the location where the collection can be made and the opening hours for the public.

The SMS collection messages are a fast and efficient way to get customers to be informed instantly and can make the pickups when it is more convenient. It simply facilitates the process for the company and for the client and increases efficiency and communication.

It is highly recommended to include a link to the repair details explaining the work done and a breakdown of the amount. In this way unnecessary queries and claims are avoided.

This type of message is very useful to manage collections easily and quickly. Normally this type of SMS message is integrated directly with a management software of the repair company.

This type of message can be applied to any company in any sector that requires to quote its customers for the collection of a product.

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