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Absence notification

Notification of the non-presence of a student. The objective is to notify the parent or guardian and reduce absenteeism in the schools.

⚠️ Your child has not attended class today 07/13/2018 at 9 o'clock. North Hills HS

The content of the message is very simple, it must include the date and, if possible, the time at which the absence was detected. In addition to the name of the student and the school.

The objective of this type of message is to reduce absenteeism in schools. Informing of the absences creates a control feeling that prevents the absences of many of the students.

This type of message can be applied to any educational center that has students with parents or guardians and who are in charge of the formation of their guardians.

The notification of absence via SMS is a crucial security tool to ensure that parents know where their children are. It is an ideal way to prevent absences but also to take action on problems or inappropriate behaviors in a short period of time.

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