Performs solicitation and prospecting actions segmented to new contacts.

What is Mobile Database Rental?

The rental of mobile databases consists of the temporary concession of databases with more than 4 million mobile numbers for commercial or marketing purposes.

This service is designed for companies without their own listings or launching new products. It is an excellent tool to promote services through mobile marketing SMS campaigns.

It is possible to segment the database to obtain better results by filtering the optimal target audience for the campaign or action. Possible segmentation criteria are:

  • Gender/sex
  • Age range
  • Town or geographic region (up to zip code)
  • Sociodemographic data, social conditions or personal interests (consult)

All records and mobile numbers that make up the databases have been validated and comply with all legal and data protection requirements.

How does the Rental of mobile databases work?

Important The databases comply with all current data protection legislation (GDPR - RGPD).

Each of the records in the database meet the following requirements:

  • Legal Compliance. The databases comply with current legislation, especially on data protection (GDPR - RGPD).
  • Registration Validated. Validation by SMS code when entering the database.
  • Applied filters and unsubscriptions. Application of public filters and deletions (Robinson lists).
  • Express Consent (Opt-in). All numbers have express consent to receive commercial communications.
Personalized quotation and professional management
  • Custom quote. After accepting a custom quote, LabsMobile technicians will manage the campaign.
  • Monitored campaign. The numbers will not be visible, but reports and success statistics are generated.
  • Recommended recruitment actions. It is suggested to carry out data collection actions during the campaign.

How much does it cost to rent a mobile database?

This type of campaign has a unit price per registration or contact that includes:

  • Database rental for a single share.
  • SMS message up to 160 characters (GSM alphabet).
  • Campaign management by LabsMobile (preparation, management and presentation of results).

The price may vary between 0.10€ and 0.25€ per registration depending on the country of destination, the volume of sending and the chosen segmentation. Ask us and we will send you a tailor-made quote.

How to rent a mobile database?

These are the steps to request and hire mobile database rental on the LabsMobile platform:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account.
Contact us and tell us about your case:
- Destination countries for SMS messages.
- Volume of SMS messages to be sent (minimum 20,000 records).
- Required segmentation: gender, age, location, etc.
Within 48 hours you will receive a tailor-made quote that will include: database rental for one action, sending SMS messages and LabsMobile's supervision and advice.
Prior to sending the campaign it will be necessary to sign the contract that regulates the conditions and clauses of the action.
Once the quotation is accepted and the contract is signed, our technicians will carry out the sending, on the agreed day and time.
72h after the sending, the results and reports of the campaign will be available.

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