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Writing SMS. Correctly writing an SMS can be expensive. SMS and spelling

Today, advertising is sent directly to the mobile phone of possible buyers. Smartphones are the devices through which most people purchase, for example. That is why writing an SMS is crucial to get in touch with customers and offer them new products. In this post, we are going to explain to you everything about spelling an SMS and what we need to take into account to implement this very productive marketing strategy.

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Publication: 11.08.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022

The relationship between SMS and spelling 

Many times we assume that, since it is a text message, we can take some liberties and use abbreviations all the time, for example. This is something that some sections of the public believe. If you remember the first SMS that was sent, you will realize that many people used “k” instead of “ok”, for example. 

The question you should ask yourself now is if this type of formulas can be used today or not. 

Well, our answer is a plain no. Now, your budget will also influence the use of these practices. Let’s explain. 

Unicode SMS

In a standard SMS, accents and other characters are not allowed. And if you need to include them, you will need to send another type of message called Unicode. These messages are a bit more pricey or allow less than 160 characters: only 70. 

How and why to take care of the spelling of your SMS? 

What’s the main issue today with spelling? Well, in many cases it is a rule and determines the sense of a phrase or an expression. That is why it can influence directly in the sense that you would like to give to your SMS. 

Then, it depends on which terms you are using and the words you write. Can you write a good message without using accents? Of course, this can happen, but you will run the risk of being misunderstood and this, in turn, will harm the result that your SMS campaign intends to have.  

So, is it better to write an SMS correctly?

Yes, in most cases it is. 

Unicode messages are more expensive, while ordinary ones will not allow you to follow every spelling rule that governs our language. So, what is better? It all comes down to the message you want to communicate.  

If you would like to offer a professional image that generates trust in users, then it’s better to pay for the Unicode service, because spelling can play an important part. 

In the case of LabsMobile, you are going to find them within our platform without any problem at all. 

On the contrary, if you are going to send a more informal message, send an offer or some kind of news, you can send a plain text message, as long as people can understand correctly whatever you want to say and do not give room to confusion.

Writing SMS. Correctly writing an SMS can be expensive. SMS and spelling.

To conclude, writing an SMS is fundamental to get in touch with potential clients of your brand. And writing it well is crucial so they don’t have any doubts about how professional you are and how safe it is to hire you. In this way, you can really take advantage of its potential.

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