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Why you should use SMS for your sales marketing campaign

It’s likely you already understand the importance of SMS as part of an effective marketing strategy. However, it could be that you are not yet aware of the huge benefits of an SMS campaign in your business marketing campaign during the sales. End-of-season sales are a time where shoppers are saturated with publicity, but text messages can be a powerful tool for both online and high street shops.

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Publication: 01.02.2018
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

The efficiency of SMS during the sales

Sending SMS to remind your clients of the offers, discounts and promotions available to them is very effective – 90% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes of being received. There are several tricks, which we’ve outlined below, that can help you to write a high impact message.

Advice for businesses in the sales: tips on how to write your SMS for maximum impact

1 Make it brief and simple: Short messages that don’t exceed 160 characters work the best. Write simple, memorable phrases.

2 Clear offers: Get to the point. Fast. State the offer clearly, aim to attract customers from the very first word.

3 Reminders: It is important to remind customers of the exact dates of the sales, and any further discounts, opening times, promotions and participating stores etc.

4 Incentives: Including a specific offer in the message body can be useful, like a coupon a discount code, or a limited-time offer… All of this will help you to keep customers loyal to your brand. Offers or discounts on related products will make customers excited about their next purchase after the sales period has ended.

Why you should use SMS for your sales marketing campaign

Sending bulk SMS messages as part of your business strategy during the sales will allow you to create a direct and fast line of communication to customers with high impact that won’t break the bank. From LabsMobile, we can offer solutions for each and every business, not only ensuring that you’ll see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ your marketing campaign, but that your campaign is, above all, a success.

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