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Why use 2-step authentication in SMS marketing?

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Publication: 01.12.2017
Última modificación: 06.28.2022

In the field of SMS marketing there is a way of adding a layer of security to the new online processes: 2-factor

Mobile phones are almost an extension of ourselves. Smartphones, more than just an address book, camera and telephone, are now indispensable to daily life. We connect on social networks, manage our bank accounts, buy products online… But is it secure?  2-step authentication (2FA) is the way of adding a layer of security to these new online processes.

Private life as we knew it is history. Social networks have become a megaphone, broadcasting who we are, what we do and what we want to be… it’s all on the internet for everyone to see. By the same token, privacy isn’t what it used to be. Our mobile phones are the perfect tools for staying in touch but can also be a great source of problems. You never know whose hands your data could fall into.

But it’s not all disadvantages. In the business sector, SMS marketing has found a new way of dispelling customer fears, guaranteeing that their transactions via mobile will no longer pose a threat to data security.

Authentication is the reliable identification of a user. But as they say, every law has its loophole, so 2-step identification involves a second step to ensure that it was, indeed, the registered account user who authorized the transaction. Below we explain the advantages and the best ways to set up 2FA.

2-step authentication in SMS marketing

User experience

To ensure the 2-step authentication process is an easy one for the user, it should be fast, easy to use and pleasing to the eye, almost like a game. It’s about offering security in a way that doesn’t feel monotonous – quite the opposite, it should be enjoyable.

Long lasting

As cybersecurity problems evolve over time and with more and more threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, the 2-step authentication process has revealed itself to be a stable verification system. To make sure it is completely secure however, the user should take appropriate steps before utilizing it, making sure to monitor their passwords and the use of their devices and personal accounts.


The fact that the 2-step authentication method is carried out using two different channels makes it far more reliable for the user. When a user registers for something via a website for example, the system generates a response asking the user to complete the registration process by sending an SMS directly to their mobile phone. Computer hacking and small-scale fraud tend to be uncommon, as it is more and more difficult to attack transactions carried out on mobile phones.


2-step authentication can be flexible. If a customized experience is required, it’s vital to be able to adapt to segments of the target audience during SMS marketing campaigns. It’s very possible that businesses need to design different systems to make sure that client transactions are safe. Doing so, and reliably, will increase loyalty to your brand.


Every business that launches an SMS marketing scheme has management tools which it uses on a regular basis. If you decide to use a 2FA system for the first time you should bear in mind integration. The API which manages the service, on top of offering complete security, should integrate easily with the pre-existing systems of the business.

Just like the content you are reading now, much of what we read and consult on the internet is thanks to teleworking. For this to work successfully, it’s often the case that remote users, who could be in the building next door but are sometimes working in a different time zone, have access to the computer systems.

The 2-step verification process via SMS is a good method of guaranteeing timely publication on the web. You just have to make sure of the reliability of the sending and delivery of messages, and that the process can be carried out on any mobile network.

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