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What's a free SMS test? LabsMobile allows you a free SMS test

LabMobile is a SMS sending service through a WebSMS or API platform.

It is a complete and high quality mass delivery service with direct connection to the operators and an exclusive control and monitoring system of the messages in real time.

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Publication: 04.01.2019
Última modificación: 04.03.2019

It also allows a fast and efficient system to be able to report possible operators failures with sending monitoring and delivery reports.

LabsMobile free SMS test

LabsMobile allows you to send free trial SMS before buying credits. All you need is access the WebSMS platform through corporate email registration.

Free SMS Pack

Then you will receive an email that will inform you that LabsMobile provides you with free SMS to be able to test the platform functioning, and that are already available on the platform.

In this way, if you want to attach an image, a file, or a landing page, or customize the message sender or other configuration options that you don't know what they'll look like, you can do the tests with these free messages.

Resources to send free trial SMSs

LabsMobile also has several sections within the web and the blog that will let you know all the platform features and functionalities.

You will also find tutorials to create your first sendings, opinions from our clients in video interviews format and examples of solutions and SMSsfor each sector.

Integrate the LabsMobile SMS API  and try sending SMSs for free.

Another free trial option is the integration of our API with any company software. Thus, once the API is integrated with the help of our technicians and tutorials, you can make the first test submission and see how the messages you are planning to send arrive.

SMS characters tests

With the LabsMobile free SMS tests you will be able to send 160-character messages, as well as 70-character messages(UNICODE messages), in this way, you will see which ones interest you the most and how the client or mobile users will receive them.

LabsMobile has the appropriate tools for mass SMS sending and for free SMS test sending.

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