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What’s a contact list and how to manage it?

      Having a contact list is crucial when carrying out marketing campaigns to increase sales, have more users, or new clients. Every company should have and update it periodically to incorporate new names with their most important information.

Next, you can discover what is a contact list and how you can create your own, together with how to segment it. 

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Publication: 06.04.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022
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What is a contact list?

A contact list is a database that gathers the most important information related to a group of people. Generally, these are company clients or people interested in your services. In it, together with the names and surnames, there is their email address and their mobile phone number. Other variables can also be included like birthday, profession, interests, etc.

All these elements will be key when implementing marketing campaigns. They allow for sending SMS letting these people know about special offers or discounts for premium users. You can also send a newsletter via email with news about the company and its activity. You can choose the formula that’s more convenient for you and how to use it.

How to make your own contact list

The first step when creating a new list is to ask for certain personal data. There are many ways to do this. From offering a special card to clients for them to accumulate points for discounts or asking them to fill in a form, or asking them to download an eBook after giving you their email address. 

There are more ways to achieve it but remember you should always ask for these people’s consent. This is established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. If you want, you can check here to know more about these laws

What’s a contact list? How to manage it?

To manage the contact list, you can use programs that were specially designed for this that can help you segment your audience in a fast and efficient way. These are usually management software or CRM’s. Take into account that not all the actions you take will include the whole list. 

You may want to take action when it comes to certain groups. These can be articulated following different categories.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Studies
  • New or habitual clients
  • Subscribers who have not bought anything yet
  • How they subscribed (Instagram, website, etc)

Segmenting your database

Segmenting your database can be carried out following any criteria you considered interesting. The possibilities are endless. In this manner, you can create different filters to-go-to when it comes to the objectives you have to fulfill in certain moments.

The more you segment your audience, the easier it will be to produce an impact by means of a personalized action. This is key.

Now that you know about its importance, you can create your contact list and start taking action to increase your sales.

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