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What stats does LabsMobile offer?

Sep 29, 2020
What stats does LabsMobile offer?
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Marketing campaigns using SMS can be effective and beneficial for a company. However, it’s not enough to carry out this campaign. It’s also very important to study and analyze the obtained data. From there, it’s possible to understand the success and reach of the process. 

LabsMobile’s platform gathers all the information about text messages. Besides, it offers them in a clear and simple way for clients. From our control panel, you can access different types of data and stats, without any additional cost.  

The company can take this information to study and analyze them. In this way, clients can measure the true success of a campaign and obtain valuable information to improve another one.

Available information about SMS campaigns

The data that can be obtained about an SMS campaign might be divided into two main sections. On the one hand, about messages in particular. On the other hand, about the campaign as a whole.

Data about certain messages

It’s possible to obtain different stats about messages:

  • Rate of confirmation: these are the SMS received successfully as confirmed by the operator. LabsMobile can verify they have been received by the person. The rate is measured through percentages. A successful campaign presents a confirmation rate of 98% or more. Meanwhile, the minimum for it to be considered acceptable is 85%.
  • Error rate: the percentage of messages that cannot be delivered. In every campaign, some failure appears, but the ideal thing is for this to be minimal. The state of this message is well detailed (total failure, re-trying). The mistake can appear for a variety of reasons such as full inbox, the number does not exist anymore, among others. If a number has not been active within 72 hours, the message expires and is not sent out.

What stats does LabsMobile offer?

These two stats are useful to depurate a database. The success of an SMS campaign comes from an updated database in a constant way and with active phone numbers.

  • Confirmation time: this is the delay between the message being sent by the platform until the delivery confirmation is received. In general, it takes only a few seconds.
  • Medium processing time: here, the time taken by LabsMobile is measured when sending each SMS.

A very used element in SMS campaigns are external links. In our database, you can access a detailed report about click stats. For example, it can be analyzed how many receivers clicked on the link, how many times, clicks per day, and more. This information is useful to make a more successful segmentation.

Information about campaigns

Another way to store information on LabsMobile is total campaign. This is a very effective measuring to compare the results between different campaigns. Using different indicators and filters, you can measure the data between two or more processes. Then, it is easier to analyze whether the campaigns had positive results or if the variable had a negative impact at the end of the campaign. Use the data to obtain even better results with your marketing strategies.