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What is a One-Time-Password?

A One Time Password or OTP is a system of passwords that gives you more safety when completing an action. As the name shows, they are made to function just one time when they are asked for. 

These types of passwords work with a Token, which is a combination of numbers and/or letters you have to introduce when carrying out an action. The OTP is mostly used in the finance world. They are very common in banks, for example, when completing a money transfer. Also, when confirming a purchase made with your credit card. And one of the methods that are mostly used is to send these OTP via SMS. Let’s see why.

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Publication: 06.28.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

What are One-Time-Passwords

However, One Time Passwords are not only used in the financing field. Digital apps and social media have started using this tool, such as Google, Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, etc. The usages include: 

  • Modify a forgotten password
  • Recover a forgotten password
  • Confirm a client number
  • Validate a user account

In general, this is a tool that gives you high security. The most practical way to send OTP today is by SMS.

How to send OTP using SMS

Text messages are an ideal way to send One Time Passwords. Using mobiles is widely accepted and people have it always at hand. So, they are practical and quick to send via SMS

The open rate of text messages is very high and instantaneous. Besides, people can receive them in different devices if they are victims of robbery. 

The LabsMobile platform is ideal to send OTP and offers all the necessary features for companies who would like to add a new level of safety and trust for their clients. 

  • On the one hand, it offers an API that can be programmed in an easy and quick manner in any website, app, or platform so you can send SMS from there.  In case you prefer to use your own platform, you can also do so. 
  • One of our main advantages is the possibility of importing a ready-made database. To send SMS, you’ll need the users’ phone number. Companies usually store their information in a database. Thus, you can move it using a compatible file. You can also create a brand new database if you prefer. 

From your control panel, you can keep track of all the SMS you send and the ones that reach the receivers. The state of each one of them will appear, confirming the delivery. Otherwise, you will receive a report indicating why the delivery failed. 

OTPs are great security measures when users need to complete actions. With LabsMobile, you’ll be able to send them to your clients in an easy and quick manner. 

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