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What are LabsMobile documents? SMS text with a link

If you want to reach your customers faster, but you have lots of information to convey; if you just don’t have enough time to send them a letter; if your customers are difficult to trace, we bring you the best solution - SMS messages with link letters.

This is a really simple system and it solves lots of problems. It offers a digital solution that enables you to send letters to mobile phone users.

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Publication: 12.11.2019
Última modificación: 10.21.2022

The way in which LabsMobile works is very simple. The customer gets an SMS text with a link informing them that they’ve received a document. The link takes the customer to a website where they are asked to verify their identity. After that, they can download the document safely onto their device.

Mobile documents: an automated process

This is an automated process. It’s easy to trace, it’s safe, and it guarantees, on the one hand, a fast delivery, and on the other hand, that any company that uses this system will significantly reduce costs. Furthermore, this is an eco-friendly system.

Benefits of sending documents and letters through SMS

  • You can reduce costs
  • Safety
  • Numerous deliveries at the same time
  • Delivery tracking system
  • Confidentiality
  • Reduces environmental harm

 How to use SMS data files

Some industries and markets can benefit more than others from this safe and efficient method of sending documents and notices to customers.

  • Public services: public service providers should be aware of the responsibility to protect the environment. This type of communication should be carried out without wasting paper to help create ecological awareness. What is more, this system solves the problem of lost letters and prevents messages from going to a spam file.
  • Local governments: No other public body is in greater need of reducing costs than local governments. Mobile letters, in opposition to traditional correspondence, can play a big part in saving resources  

Examples: Local or state tax declarations/reminders, information about elections, parking notices or fines, notices about local events, etc...

 How to use SMS data files

  • Insurance services: Insurance companies have traditionally relied on communications on paper. Although websites and mobile communication have made licensing easier and have automated renovations, crucial documentation is still often sent by traditional mail.

What are LabsMobile documents? SMS text with a link

LabsMobile solves many problems by delivering documentation instantly where the customers are more like to see it: on their mobile phones.

By using this method, insurance companies can reduce their budget for communication. Also, because this is a digital delivery system, they can make sure that a customer has received and downloaded the documents.

Sample applications include a supply of documentation related to your policy contract, renewal documents, claim forms and policy change notices.

  • Debt collection: many companies from different countries are using this method because of the challenge it implies to send notices many times to the same debtor. SMS documents allow you to send reminders and notifications that will help you reach your objectives.

What is more, you can save important amounts of money by changing from a traditional collection strategy to a digital one.

Sample applications: overdue payments reminders, appointment reminders, etc.

  • Health care: Every year, 6.9 million appointments are missed in hospitals and health centers.

The lack of reminders, the loss of papers with appointment details, or even forgetfulness are the most common causes why patients miss appointments.

Here is where LabsMobile can help, by sending reminders by SMS These messages reduce absence rate. At the same time, it reduces costs on communication with patients, since you won’t be needing to call them one by one.

Examples: confirming appointments, rescheduling appointments, delivering test results.

Features of LabsMobile SMS messages

When you send an SMS with a PDF document, whether you do it in certificated form or not (both options are possible with LabsMobile) you can do it directly and automatically by:

  • Customizing the sender
  • Attaching media files
  • Validating your ID.
  • With a clear message
  • Nationally and internationally.
  • Totally traceable.
  • Creating other possible actions: calls, calendars, social media.

LabsMobile helps you reach all users fast and safely, improving communication. We hope to hear from you soon. 

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