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WebSMS: a new system of payment and validation for shopping online

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Publication: 04.21.2016
Última modificación: 01.25.2019


The latest version of our WebSMS application (version 4.3.7) means online purchases are safer, thanks to Stripe and Sift Science.

LabsMobile is proud to announce that we have integrated the payment gateway Stripe and the fraude detection system Sift Science into our services. Stripe is a payment platform utilized by many online projects which offers a payment gateway with credit card that's internationally compatible. It allows us to extend our top-up services for SMS credits as well as the payment process. The main benefits are:

  • Verification of the card information entered for each account.
  • Storage of card information in the Stripe system. Then when topping up, all you have to do is select one of the cards previously used without having to enter in the data all over again.
  • Accepts payment in any currency. Stripe allows translations in multiple currencies. WebSMS users can select a currency (in account preferences) and carry out transactions in that currency.
  • Automatic top-ups. We've created a new automatic top-up service so that when your credits reach a certain limit, an automatic top-up is generated. Select this option by deciding on a lower limit, select a card to make the payment and a number of credits to purchase.

Now, purchases with debit or credit card at LabsMobile are safer, can be completed with ease and are 100% compatible with cards from any country and in any currency. You can also establish automatic top-ups so an account never runs out of credit and you don't have to make manual purchases and alerts.

The added integration of the Sift Science services allows is to detect misuse, unethical practices and of course, illegalities that can occur in the SMS sector. Detecting unusual behaviors and fraudulent transactions, Sift Science helps us to send purely clean and real SMS traffic. It prevents the sending of abusive messages, fraudulent purchases, phishing, deceptive messages etc.

In conclusion, these integrations offer a lot more functions to our users and we contribute to global SMS traffic of a higher quality. This benefits our customers, our users, the recipients and also the SMS sector in general.

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