Published: Jan 20, 2020
Last update: Jan 20, 2020
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Using SMS in your beauty business

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Using SMS in your beauty business
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Using SMS as an appointment reminder is a classic usage that never gets old. This information is very useful for schedule confirmation or to let the person know about changes and cancellations.

Today, technology allows owners to digitalize services to open new paths in their relationship with clients. In this sense, the SMS is an excellent tool to personalize this communication between your company or business, making it more dynamic and immediate.

It is all about getting your clients interested and understand their problems. You can become his or her reference when they look for counsel, advice, and solutions. This way, the use of SMS for beauty centers is the perfect combination to be updated with your client and show how your service can help them. 

Functions and perfect occasions for sending SMS

There are a lot of original alternatives to catch your clients’ attention in a beauty center by using communicative feedback, nice and substantial: 

– The SMS as an appointment reminder is a classic use that is never old. This information is extremely useful, be it for confirming a schedule or to let your clients now there’s been a change or a cancellation. 

– Another use of SMS can be to communicate about the launching of new treatments, products, or services. This can be helpful when advertising, but also to show how innovative your beauty center is. 

– Equally, you can invite your clients to shows, free treatments and trying services with SMS sending.  

– You will also have the opportunity to send reminders and courses that you offer, events you host or different types of showrooms. 

SMS Landings can favor communication, too, as they allow for sending additional information you clients can access with just a click. 

Remember that SMS campaigns get high ratios of customer loyalty. In this sense, you can try and connect with your clients on special occasions, such as their birthdays.

Using SMS in your beauty business.

LabsMobile offers you an efficient platform that allows for sending SMS safely to your clients. You can send your messages using the WebSMS or through an integration API, both with automating features very simple to use. In a similar way, you can upload your database in Excel format and start sending SMS immediately. 

Definitely, SMS are powerful marketing tools that can help you enormously to boost your beauty business. Without a doubt, the ROI will be worth it, as SMS has opening rates of 98%