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Using SMS campaigns successfully during the pandemic

COVID19 pandemic affected the entire world and produced many changes in people’s ordinary lives. In general, countries took isolation and containment measures such as quarantine (and many places are still there), social distancing, using masks, and so on. 

Work and other fields suffered a great impact. The impossibility of carrying out tasks normally made companies and businesses adapt to a new normal to keep certain levels of production. Thus, the online world appeared, and digital marketing as a way to augment consuming and sales. One of the main methods is using SMS campaigns.

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Publication: 09.14.2020
Última modificación: 10.21.2022
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Success stories

SMS during the pandemic

Not every business or firm could take advantage of the benefits the digital world offers. Next, we will mention some cases that were able to obtain the maximum advantages possible, even within the negative scenario of this pandemic.

  • Supermarkets and first necessity product stores

Even when in quarantine, people still needed first-need products such as food, hygiene elements, and more. For this reason, online buying appeared with more strength as an alternative to prevent people from moving around and entering closed spaces for long periods of time. 

The main technique used was take away: the client purchases online and goes to the store to look for their order when it’s ready. Using SMS allows for more communication with clients and improving the process. For example, they are good to let people know they can come and take their orders. They are also great to send important information (for example, if the store is going to be closed on a certain date) and also to send offers.

  • Stores that adapted to selling online

Buying and selling online was already established years ago, but many stores did not think it was important. They preferred to sell in the traditional way. As the pandemic appeared, there was no alternative for them but to start selling online. Businesses are varied and go from clothes shops, home appliances, sports stores, technology, and more. 

Stores that already had their online sales sector where clearly the ones that benefited the most, as they already had a solid base to sell. Especially when considering those that had to start from scratch. To improve its sales, using SMS is ideal

To get started with this type of campaign, you’ll need a database with some personal information. Then, with that in mind, you can start campaigns for different types of audiences. These campaigns will be instant and personalized.

Text messages allow you to carry out different functions, for example:

    • Make yourself well-known: companies that started with their online section were able to communicate their welcome message with their stable clients and also with new ones.
    • Follow deliveries: the most important advantage of buying online is the door-to-door delivery. By using an SMS you can let clients know when their package will arrive.
    • Offers and discounts
    • Promotions for clients

Using SMS campaigns successfully during the pandemic.

All in all, SMS is crucial for building a closer, more personal relationship with users, encourage consumerism, and achieve overall success even in these difficult times.

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