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User verification through SMS or double-factor authentication (2FA)

Using SMS has a long list of functions. One of them is verifying users with a confirmation message. This tool is useful to add a new layer of security to certain tasks and to confirm that the user is real and has the data that has been presented before. In the digital world, SMS verification adds more security. It allows you to create a system of 2-factor validation (2FA). Many online services, in the last few years, have started to offer this type of double authentication: in addition to having a password, users now need a code to enter their accounts. 

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Publication: 02.12.2021
Última modificación: 10.21.2022

How does verification via SMS work?

To verify a user, you need to send a text message with a unique and one-use code that only lasts a few minutes. The person who receives it needs to use it to confirm an operation or a particular task. By using this tool, a company can verify the real existence of a person and avoid bots and fake accounts. 

User verification through SMS or double-factor authentication (2FA)

Double-factor authentication SMS LabsMobile: What is it and why do I need it?

The LabsMobile service allows you to send this type of SMS in different ways: from the website or by integrating an API with an app or software that already exists. The user verification method with SMS can be used by different companies: 

  • Companies that are creating their databases can use this method to guarantee all their users are real and legit. In this way, their database will be precise and more effective for future marketing campaigns. It’s very common to use it when carrying out subscription forms. 
  • Banks usually make use of this method to guarantee more safety when carrying out digital transactions. This includes transfers, deposits, payments, etc. Using a verification SMS, they make sure it’s the owner who carries out these actions to prevent money theft. 
  • Companies that sell online products started to use this system to generate more trust and security. Due to the pandemic, eCommerce has grown a lot. Using a verification code via SMS helps companies make sure users are purchasing and nobody else. For example, kids may access their parents’ credit cards and try to buy something. However, if they need a verification code, this will not happen. 
  • Companies that have subscription services use verification to help their users recover their password. When entering the code, they can access their account again and set up a new password. This prevents the stealing of accounts. 
  • Companies that have some kind of private club with specific promotions. There are some companies that offer free subscriptions and, as the clients buy products or services, they earn points. Then, they can exchange those points for some kind of promotion or discount. Using a verification code, they can make sure 100% that the user is the one that chooses and not a bot.  

User verification through SMS or double-factor authentication (2FA)

User verification through SMS is a useful tool that adds security and trust to many tasks online. In general, it allows companies to verify that users are real and legit. With LabsMobile, you can send this type of message without issues. 

User verification through SMS or double-factor authentication (2FA)

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