Published: Sep 15, 2021
Last update: Sep 15, 2021
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The WooCommerce plugin for SMS Marketing. Send SMS with WooCommerce

sms module woocommerce
The WooCommerce plugin for SMS Marketing. Send SMS with WooCommerce
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Earning your clients’ trust is fundamental for an online store. Being always attentive, efficiency and velocity can also be the keys to increase your ecommerce sales. It’s because of this that, if you have a Woocommerce store you’ll need a plugin to offer the SMS service to your clients. Now you can integrate the sending of SMS in WooCommerce with LabsMobile easily and quickly. 

What can I do with the plugin?

With the pluging SMS Woocommerce of LabsMobile you’ll be able to increase your clients’ trust during the purchasing process and automate processes. 

What are SMS used for in Woocommerce?

Some of the uses of SMS for Woocommerce are:

  • Message of a pending order for the owner of the store. In this case, the owner receives a message of a new order. 
  • SMS sent to clients to let them know about the state of their order. When they purchase, when the order is being processed, when the order has been shipped, when it’s about to be delivered, etc. 
  • Sending a message when there’s been a cancellation or a return.
  • For an abandoned cart reminder. 
  • A loyalty message.

What are the advantages of SMS notifications for an Ecommerce?

  • The communication with the client is more efficient, direct, and fluid. SMS are instant and clients always have their mobile phones with them and can receive SMS even if they don’t have an internet connection at the moment. Besides, they have a better open rate when compared to email marketing.
  • Loyalty. A well-planned SMS strategy creates a loyalty relationship with clients that will often repeat a purchase. If the client feels well informed during the whole process, it’s probable for them to come back.
  • More conversions, sales, and earnings. All in all, good customer service usually brings about a happy client and this will make conversions, sales and earnings better in the end. 
  • The quality of the service. Constant communication with the client will help you create a good customer care experience.


The WooCommerce plugin for SMS Marketing. Send SMS with WooCommerce

Some of the requirements are: